My 5e Homebrew Mechanics & Rules for Eberron

The Nerdd

I recently ran 9 levels of Dungeons & Dragons 5e for my home game, and as this was my second long form campaign (first one was here) I found myself starting to custom make different mechanics for different situations that came up. I’m sure not all of them were great, and most of them were not setting specific, but if you’re looking for some new homebrew rules, this might help. Also, very few of these are originally mine. Many of these are common across the internet, some are a cobbled combination of multiple ideas, so I don’t take credit for any of these wholly originally.

Eberron and Campaign Info

Some things you should know going in, Eberron is a Pulp-Noir world, meaning that you can go from grizzled streets of the big city tracking down crime bosses, to sword fighting on flying ships crossing the continent. Also, it’s…

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