DDO: Gingerbread and thorns

Bio Break

Further into Fables of the Feywild, I have two of the three items (lute, flower) needed to wake Lord “Sleeping Beauty” Arden. The third? His true name, which I’m going to guess is “Gordo.” He looks like a Gordo.

So as I’m talking to Doctor Fairy there, we all fall asleep too and I guess I enter Arden’s dreamworld. “Wake Me Up Inside” is not that interesting nor that challenging of a mission. Just reclaim the lute and flower, beat up a hag to get his true name, and perform the ritual that involves zero kissing to wake him up. Bingo bango bongo, it’s done.

Moving into the second part of this expansion, “The Icemount Curse” starts me on a journey to finding the villain Hyrsam and figure out what he’s planning to do with those stolen codex pages. This starts, I guess, by investigating a missing baron at his…

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