Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Greatest Gaming Accomplishment?

The Boss Rush Network

Competition has been part of gaming since the beginning, starting with Tennis for Two which debut in 1958. Ever since then, players and creators have been making challenges to games. The styles have expanded with the LAN play and then exploded with internet gaming. Achievements and trophy systems have been introduced in consoles that add challenges for game specific goals. But my favorite type of accomplishment is a self made goal, when you challenge yourself to improve.

Super Mario Bros. speedrun in under five minutes

Speedruns have become popular in the gaming community for players to compete and improve on their fastest playthroughs. I remember replaying NES games in my late teens for bragging rights against my friends. Later on in college games like Rockband and Wii Sports would provide more chances to compete against others, but more importantly, myself. I had to master the drums and achieve a 300…

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