Are OSR Games Good for Introducing New Players To the Tabletop RPG Hobby?

Grumpy Wizard



  • Players don’t need to know the rules to play.
  • Character creation is fast and easy.

Players don’t need to know the rules.

One of the most important features of classic adventure role-playing games is that the players don’t need to know the rules.

The game master describes the situation in natural speech, the players ask questions and make decisions based on game master responses. When there is a need for a die roll the game master can tell the player what to roll or what to look at on the character sheet in that moment.

Some my most enjoyable gaming experiences have been running games for people who never played a tabletop RPG before. It was precisely because the players didn’t know the rules. Sometimes not knowing that what you are attempting isn’t in the rules leads to very imaginative play. Remember, almost all other types of games…

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