First Steps Into Foundry

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The Foundry VTT is something I’ve been considering trying out ever since GMShadow first ran me through some games powered by GURPS using it. I was impressed by the graphical interface, the character sheets for GURPS were useful, and it seemed pretty stable.

Today, having had some discussion with my Mystamyr group about getting off Roll20 (which I find very difficult and non-intuitive to use), I decided to take the plunge and see what Foundry offers.

For our game of Mythras Classic Fantasy, my group seems to want three bits of functionality: a character sheet that’s easy to use; clear resolution of die rolls that show success at various difficulty levels; the capability to provide a battle grid and tokens. Those are, of course, probably the basic asks for most gamers from a VTT.

While I couldn’t find a specific character sheet for Classic Fantasy, the Mythras basic…

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