I Play Video Games Wrong


When I played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I eventually did everything I could to avoid the Lynels, Centaur-like creatures that dotted Hyrule. I say “eventually” because I didn’t avoid them at first. At first, I was ready and willing to take on these difficult beasts with my dinky wooden sword, because why wouldn’t I at least try? That’s part and parcel in many games – trying to defeat anything and everything in sight. I did manage to take out a couple before my brain broke a little from the stress, at which point I made up my mind to simply ignore them. In fact, I started ignoring just about anything that didn’t make the first move, and I had a pretty grand time. I conquered the Divine Beasts, cooked and collected until my heart was content, and explored every corner of Hyrule I could.

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