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Today was one big delve into figuring out how to add characters to Foundry, re-learning how to build maps using art tiles in GIMP, and coming up with some custom tokens for the VTT heroes. All-in-all, I feel good… despite the colossal time-sink that mucking around with VTTs always proves to be. But the end product, well, that is promising.

This image is a section from my first VTT map in a few years. Built using the excellent “Save Vs. Caverns” tile sets by Gabriel Pickard, I was able to harness the power of GIMP to make something I could upload to Foundry. A nudge from a friend towards Copper Dragon Games’ video on how to do it was all it took.

From here, I was able to import the map and learn how to add walls for the dynamic lighting in Foundry. Dropping in tokens, I was…

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