Consoles Need to Fit More Than One Physical Game

The Boss Rush Network

You’re playing your favorite game by yourself, and save after a stressful boss fight. You get up from the couch, and go change out the game disc to a more easy-going game to unwind. A few minutes later, your friend comes over to play, so you get up, swap out the game disc for something you can play together, and sit back down. After maybe an hour, your friend asks to see that first game, so you get back up, switch game discs for the third time, and go back to your couch.

Video game consoles have made immense quality of life improvements over the last few years. Wireless controllers, online play, and digital downloads have all made the gaming experience so much easier. Don’t want to get controller cords tangled up? You got it. Want to play Super Smash Bros. but your friends are in another state? No…

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