Ruins of Brollmoreth

Dyson's Dodecahedron

All the maps this month on the Dodecahedron will be focused on the theme of ruins (and sometimes the dungeons within & under). Even the maps list for the Release the Kraken this month has been curated exclusively from old maps of ruins around the blog.

Ruins of Brollmoreth
Ruins of Brollmoreth (300 dpi promo, no commercial license)

The crumbling spire of an old tower marks the ruins where Brollmoreth, Demon of Shallow Graves and Patron of Silent Children was once worshipped. It is said that the demon physically tore itself out of the stone here after a drop of Demogorgon’s ichorous blood was flung to the ground in an ancient battle.

Ruins of Brollmoreth
Ruins of Brollmoreth (1200 dpi)

In modern times, the worship of demons as gods is no longer an “accepted practice” and this temple to Brollmoreth was abandoned along with its worship. Remnants of the old temple walls remain leading to the…

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