Boss Rush Banter: What More Could be Done to Preserve Video Game History?

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One of my favorite YouTube channels is Jeremy Parish I Video Works. In the mid 2010’s Mr. Parish moved from being a key player on the Retronauts podcast to becoming the most scholarly video game historian I’ve ever come across. Mr. Parish has a fairly serious tone, both in his written and spoken voice. However, like a difficult teacher whom you begrudgingly admire, he will likely win you over with his understated humor and thorough (but not tedious) video essays. His channel on YouTube tackles the gargantuan task of chronicling the complete game catalogs of all major home systems, beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I bring up Mr. Parish’s channel because one of the common refrains of his gaming history videos is that much of the hardware and software he covers has disappeared, or is in danger of doing so. He often relies on borrowing consoles and games…

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