Rise of the Runelords #72: The Troll Patrol

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

Our heroes were held prisoner by the powerful troll Grazuul. In a missing chapter, the follow-up rescue party from Turtleback Ferry became a hearty meal. Fortunately for our original party, a new group called “The Troll Patrol” delved in to challenge the troll! -GM

23rd of Kuthona, 4707 AR

The new party was strong and happy singing songs and telling tall tales as they explored the coast in search of trolls. They were avid chefs and had heard of the wonderful regenerative properties of the meat, and wanted a live one to repeatedly butcher.

When they heard of a den of trolls that had sprouted up, not too far from them they jumped on the opportunity. They were told that the trolls had a great fear of flame and acid, and began preparing to hit the den with great blasts of scorching acid. The tips were not without warning, as…

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