Boss Rush Banter: How Historically Accurate Do Video Games Need to Be?

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Plenty of video games take place in eras long past, like medieval Europe, feudal Japan, ancient Greece, or even the early 2000s. While the time period serves more as a setting than anything else, these time periods are rarely portrayed without fault. While not a major issue, some history buffs can’t help but point out those inaccuracies when they pop up.

Actually, those uniforms worn by the German soldiers are actually of a lieutenant’s rank, meaning they wouldn’t be on the battlefield.

Actually, Sparta barely had a naval fleet to begin with. Athens ruled the Mediterranean in terms of sea power.”

Actually, that specific make and model came out in 2007, while Grand Theft Auto is in the early 2010s, meaning the ‘hot new ride’ is actually a few years old.”

You get the point.

A large part of franchises like Assassin’s Creed or

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