Age of Ashes #85: A Dragon’s Hoard

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In two missing chapters, the party delved beneath the Temple and confronted the dragon ruling over the underground city, which killed Remissionem! The party regrouped and returned to avenge him… (-GM)

20th of Erastus, 4720 AR

“There was a boom and a flash and a globe of darkness engulfed our foes…”

Our party returned to a sooty boiling cave preparing to fight a dragon. They leapt into battle using the power of cold as a weapon on our side. All of us, versus four behemoths of fire.

We leapt into battle, quickly dispatching the two weaker opponents that plagued us. But only a little into the battle there was a boom and a flash and a globe of darkness engulfed our foes. This drained the dragon very low, and we took it out shortly after.

Then we focused our attention on the last foe in the room. Just as big…

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