5E Subclass: Hearth Domain Cleric

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The hearth domain cleric deals with matters of the home, ancestral traditions, and hospitality. Hearth Domain Clerics can be found in taverns & inns across all the realms or bringing the comforts of home to the open road. The small fire brings warmth to those in need and can often make even the cruelest heart soften with good cheer and fine food. While hearth clerics aren’t as battle driven as other clerics they make up for it by supporting allies within their hearth. When the need arises they can leave a lasting scorch mark upon their enemies who seek to harm their friends.

Cleric Level Spells

1st level Goodberry, Searing Smite

3rd Level Aid, Calm Emotions

5th level Aura of Vitality, Create Food & Water

7th level Fire Shield, Private Sanctum

9th level Hallow, Greater Restoration

When you choose this domain at first level you gain the Sacred Flame and…

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