Spelljammer: Campaigns in Wildspace

Spellhawks Press

Spelljammer was a popular campaign setting first published for AD&D ( Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) in 1989, that brought adventurers into the stars with a swashbuckling space fantasy campaign . This setting has remained popular for many D&D players over the years, myself included. In this setting spelljamming helms give nearly any object the motive force to magically move through Wildspace. While ” Space ” in Spelljammer operates very differently than the vacuum of space in our reality it still has enough similarities to create an “Age of Sail” adventure through the stars.

Since D&D fifth edition dropped in 2014, fans of this setting have held a torch burning for the inclusion of this setting into the official 5e canon. Home-brew creators have found ways to create or reskin backgrounds, classes, subclasses, and monsters to play in this setting. They’ve even invented alternative rules of sail to allow combat movement…

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