Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Favorite Asymmetric Video Game?

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Most multiplayer video games have groups of people doing the exact same thing to try and win. Think Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for example. Each player is racing in their kart or motorcycle to try and cross the finish line first. Asymmetric play, on the other hand, is when you have players in the same game doing different things to try and win. For example, the recently announced Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. In this new game coming Q4 2022 to Xbox, PlayStation and PC, you can either team up with other players to try and capture ghosts, or you can play as a ghost and try to avoid being captured.

Source: Ghostbusters News

Asymmetric gameplay brings a different feel to multiplayer games, giving each group a different set of rules and goals and allowing for some unique experiences. It forces teammates to communicate in real time, and results in…

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