Rise of the Runelords #73: The Ancient Guardian

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party is finally freed from the troll leader’s prison, and meets new adventurers, the internationally-renowned chef Gustav Gustav, and his loyal pet (who magical things keep happening around), Bark Thorson! They encounter a guardian from ancient Thassilon… -GM

23rd of Kuthona, 4707 AR

At last, the troll had been defeated, and its prisoners freed. After the former adventurers and their newer counterparts introduced themselves to each other, the parties soldiered on to face whatever new threat they might encounter. It didn’t take long to find a threat; before they could go far they found the way forward blocked by a colossal spider! Naturally, being adventurers, they found themselves obligated to slay the abominable arachnid.

This proved to be a shockingly difficult task. Within a minute, Aranea had been destroyed, and many of the adventurers were wounded. Luckily, the battle was not entirely one-sided; the spider was approaching…

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