Spellhawks’ Grimoire of Peculiar Creatures: Gremlin

Spellhawks Press


Gremlin illustration by Allen Childers

Gremlins are cruel and mischievous fey. They are a malicious blight on all wonders of innovation. Gremlins revel in the destruction of constructs, vehicles, or any semblance of order. Gremlins excrete a corrosive saliva that makes it easier to break things down. Gremlins are often found in places where rats dwell. Sometimes they can train a swarm of rats to aid them.


Tiny fey, typically chaotic evil

Armor Class 10 ( natural )

Hit Points 6

Speed. 20 feet, Climb 20

STR 10 DEX 14(+2) Con 11 INT 7(-2) WIS 13(+1) CHA 16 (+3)

Skills. Sleight of Hand+3, Stealth+5

Senses. Darkvision 60 feet, Passive Perception 11

Languages. Common, Sylvan

CR 1/2

Fey Lineage.

As a bonus action, gremlins can become invisible until the start of their next turn or until they take an action . Additionally, they can squeeze into spaces as…

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