Top Ten Minor Characters in Gaming

The Game Campaign

There are a lot of iconic characters in gaming, from Halo’s Master Chief to the blue overalled plumber himself. It can be easy to latch on to these well-known names, but there are quite a few memorable characters that don’t play a massive role in the game’s story. In fact, some of these characters only show up for a few moments before disappearing, never to be seen during that playthrough again.

Yet, they leave an impression because they help to color the world. These characters are the exotic spices that leave an added dimension to the game without overstaying their welcome. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these characters in some form or another. Now let’s pull the curtain and introduce our first minor icon.

The Breath of the Wild

Beedle – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Beedle is the aptly named character from Breath of the…

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