Boss Rush Banter: How Do You Build Your Pokémon Teams?

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Part of the genius and success of Pokémon games are their replay value. Each playthrough of a Pokémon game allows you to use a brand new team of six Pokémon to battle with. While some of your personal favorites may reappear (looking at you, Nidoking), there are near infinite combinations of Pokémon to use in each of the different games. When playing through a Pokémon game, what’s your strategy for assembling your team?

One option is to just stick with one Pokémon. When I was in high school, my girlfriend had never played a Pokémon game. I lent her my copy of Pokémon FireRed alongside a Game Boy Advance, and she ended up beating the whole game with Blastoise. She liked using it because it was cute, and didn’t see the point in catching any other Pokémon. I’ve played through a game or two with just one team member, and…

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