50 Swords, 10 Thousand Dollars?!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

So, we kind of hit a bit of a milestone today. USD 10,000 in funding for the Book of Swords.

I’m really excited to get this book out to everyone. It is a trip to see the drawings and ideas I worked on late last year in this format. The book is really fun – I love the small square format, and I’ve finally hit the point where I’m happy with my drawings too. Which is what got me to put this together.

It’s been great working with Peter Regan who knows his way around the processes with his many Squarehex kickstarters, and the plan he’s put together has these going out to backers in an incredibly small time frame.

I’m just hoping that we’ll be sending a copy of the Book of Swords to you too.

Dyson’s Book of Swords Kickstarter

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