Rise of the Runelords #74: HOT DAM!

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party is finally freed from the troll leader’s prison, and meets new adventurers, the internationally-renowned chef Gustav Gustav, and his loyal pet (who magical things keep happening around), Bark Thorson! They encounter a guardian from ancient Thassilon… -GM

23rd of Kuthona, 4707 AR

We continue our fight with the bone scorpion, and we are going to call it Scull. Scull grabs Jail and tries to choke her. Scull fails to kill her, and she stabs, it hurting it a little. Then Bark hits it, almost killing it. Then Scull gets killed.

Behind its body, the party heals their fallen teammates and notices a little model dam and walks over to it, trying to open, it thinking it might open the real one. After many failed attempts, the team runs to the door hidden by the skulls. The party digs them away from the door, then open it.

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