Inside the Temple of Kuvartma

Dyson's Dodecahedron

All the maps this month on the Dodecahedron will be focused on the theme of ruins (and sometimes the dungeons within & under). Even the maps list for the Release the Kraken this month has been curated exclusively from old maps of ruins around the blog.

Inside the Temple of Kuvartma
Inside the Temple of Kuvartma (300 dpi)

We explored the area around and on top of the Temple of Kuvartma with Tuesday’s map release – so today we head inside the temple and then to the understructures – including the passage to the inside of one of the pillars jutting out of the water. Again the awakened apes maintain the surface level of the temple as they do the outer structures – but they don’t use the stairs down to the lower levels of the structure.

Inside the Temple of Kuvartma
Inside the Temple of Kuvartma (1200 dpi)

The undertemple is home to a pair of ageless druids of…

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