D&D Diary – The Forge of Fury – Session 1

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Tales From the Yawning Portal. Part 2

We delve a dungeon deep, filled with orcs, troglodytes, duergar and worse. We also unknowingly unlock the end game quest. And kill a character.

Forge Fury 5e Foundry thumbOoh, that Forge looks absolutely furious! The dwarves look a little bored though.

The Saviors of Phandalin, The Defenders of Trollgate, The Seamaidens’ Champions, The Zookeeper of Dragon Tower, The Proprietors of Trollskull Tavern. Our heroes have built up quite a reputation in their adventures through the Lost Mine of Phandelver and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. But sometimes we want to take a break from the niceties, the politics, and more importantly, all the RULES of life in the big city. Sometimes, we just want to crawl around a dungeon, killing whatever we want with impunity.

That’s where Tales From the Yawning Portal comes in. A collection of some of the best (or at least infamous) adventures from D&D…

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