FIRST QUEST (1994) and INTRO to AD&D (1995): What a Difference a Year Makes

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The FIRST QUEST and INTRODUCTION to ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS boxes were intended as starter sets to the AD&D 2nd edition rules. RPGs are traditionally learned by “doing” – playing in a group at a table. TSR was always looking for that holy grail, a set that a player could learn the flow and play of a roleplaying game (RPG) just from the written rules alone.

The two sets – which I’ll call FQ and IADD going forward – they look vaguely similar inside. In fact, IADD IS the 2nd printing of FQ. The text blocks, despite dramatic graphical differences, read mostly identical.

They are also at the point of change between the familiar 2nd edition graphical style, and the updated version of AD&D, nicknamed the 2.5 edition rules.

Let’s dig in!

First Quest: The Introduction to Role-Playing Games

1994 … Bruce Nesmith (design) & Julia Martin (editing) & Jeff…

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