Valhalla Lost: A UO Shard Beyond All Others

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Valhalla Lost is a UO shard built on the sheer artistry of its creators. Want to play a drunken monk (at long last?). Log on and create one, earn some experience points, and badda-badda-bing, you can use Buddha Palm before you know it. How about a necromantic vampire? Yes, the shard has those too. And the list goes on. all the glorious details. But the strength of the shard is not solely based on skills earned by fighting or crafting.

Consider the map. You have a complete dwarven city that takes up two levels: surface and underground. It’s in the dwarven city—where I crept carefully, being non-dwarven—that I found an underground labyrinth filled with ettins and ogres. I enjoyed slaying them in their halls, even as I listened to Paralyzed Age’s “Empire of the Vampire.” The gold that filled my backpack was a true reflection of the…

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