Make EVERYTHING More Interesting?

Grumpy Wizard

A common post in the tabletop role-playing game blog multiverse has a title that goes something like, “Make Outhouses In Your Campaign More Interesting.”

There is a tendency (especially among new game masters) to spend a lot of time making every part of an adventure scenario compelling in some way. Magic items, rooms, passages, NPCs, and weapons, are lavished with beguiling features to draw players and keep them hooked.

There are some pitfalls if you put too much interesting stuff in your campaign.

Interestingness is not the point.

Interestingness is a tool or technique for the referee to use. It is not the point of playing the game.

The game master is providing an engaging series of problems for the players to deal with. Some elements of that need to be interesting and in a way that serves the purposes of the game.

Not everything needs to be interesting.


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