Unrol Kaz’ad Watch

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Unrol Kaz'ad Watch
Unrol Kaz’ad Watch (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

A small dwarven watch in the Barrow Mountains, Unrol Kaz’ad used to house a small team of dwarven rangers who would patrol the traditional thirteen-and-a-half mile radius around the watch looking for signs of goblins, giants, and trolls in the region. With the encroachment of human pioneers into the region and the slow decline of the great dwarven kingdoms, Unrol Kaz’ad was sealed up and abandoned like many similar watches.

Unrol Kaz'ad Watch
Unrol Kaz’ad Watch (1200 dpi)

But all it takes is one nosey wizard with a knock spell to unseal a watch. Which is what happened to Unrol Kaz’ad about 80 years ago. Originally this was to provide the local fiefdom’s rangers a place to resupply and rest while out in the field. When the fiefdom became the Principality of Nerron, they locked the doors again and pulled back its patrols…

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