OSE Behind The Screen, Part 3

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For those just joining us, I’ve been re-reading Old-School Essentials (OSE) with a view to figuring out how to run classic Dungeons & Dragons games with the methodological changes needed to achieve deeper Otherworld-immersion. If you’ve not been following along, it’s worth reading the earlier posts.

Last time, I said we needed to talk about the biggest vulnerability using Classic D&D-style games presents to our Otherworld-immersive style and I named that as being Hit Points. In fairness, that’s probably a bit of an over-simplification.

Don’t Fear The Reaper

While many old-school gamers laud the squishy and easy-to-kill nature of classic D&D characters, this has always been a bit of a problem for me. When you are trying to encourage your players to invest in their characters, to imagine the World of the game from their character’s perspective, and to role-play from a position of Otherworld-immersion…

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