Content creator preview of the tabaxi, new mounts and hirelings

Micki's Delirium

I was ready (or thought I was ready) to log on to Lamannia and stream on Monday April 11, but it was pushed forward to April 12. On April 12 I wasn’t able to log on as early as I had other plans, and when I was finally sitting down to start streaming, I had some technical difficulties, which made me even more delayed.

Anyway, when I was finally able to log on, I wanted to look at the cosmetic options for the tabaxi, and look at the enhancement trees for both the non iconic and the iconic. I am pleased to say that I am quite happy with the look and options. The enhancement trees seemed a little bit buggy and unfinished, but I did get a feel for what the tabaxi is all about. The tabaxi is a cat-like race that get benefits from standing still and from…

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