D&D Diary – The Forge of Fury – Session 2

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Tales From the Yawning Portal, continued.

While attempting to sneak into an orc stronghold, the DM (me) gets furious with the players (them) and I go for the TPK.

Forge Fury 3e Cover fullWhen last we left our heroes, they were trying to explore an ancient dwarven ruin in search of treasure and stuff. But first they have to sneak past all the orcs that have laid claim to the upper level of the dungeon. After some initial mistakes, where the party was pelted with arrows and nearly fell into a bottomless chasm (twice), they retreated and recuperated and actually came up with a plan involving a Portable Hole, two Potions of Invisibility, a flying leopard, and the severed head of the orc chieftain’s wife. Technically, the severed head was not part of the plan to sneak in, but more of a screw you from Regizar the Fighter to irritate and…

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