Gateway Games to RPGs: An Adventure of Its Own


I recently stumbled across an article about the questline of our video game adventures over at our friend Gaming Omnivore’s blog.

It got me thinking about my own journey toward being an RPG fan, since I wasn’t always. When I jumped into this video game blogging thing, I was so jealous of people who had played games like Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur’s Gate when they came out, and who had been so devoted to JRPGs, or had gotten into Dungeons and Dragons in their teens. I didn’t have any IRL friends interested in playing video games, and the age gap between me and my brother and sister was enough to keep us from generally playing the same games. I remember them opening the board game version of D&D for Christmas one year, but I wasn’t invited to play.

I actually didn’t get into RPGs properly until 2014…

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