B/X Dungeons & Dragons (1980-1): Basic & Expert Sets side-by-side

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My first introduction to Dungeons & Dragons was 1982 if memory serves. I’d newly arrived at middle school. In addition to the usual new experiences of intermediate school, you can add RPGs.

During lunch, I noticed a lot of students occupying a glassed-in conference room table. They were of course playing Dungeons & Dragons. Soon my friends and I were playing the game. We started with the Pink and Blue Boxes, what we now call B/X edition D&D.

My friend’s older brother played from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons hardcovers, and it wasn’t long before we were mixing D&D and AD&D with careless abandon.

Got nice Basic and Expert sets in the shop, so I decided to go through them together, see how they visually parallel one another. [spoiler: a lot!]

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set

1980, 1981 … Tom Moldvay … TSR 1011 (box), TSR 2014 (book, 64…

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