Boss Rush Banter: Are Modern Games Too Complicated?

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Recently at a social gathering with new friends and acquaintances, the subject of video games came up, and someone quipped that modern video games aren’t as good as older games. The graphics have improved, but the gameplay has not, they claimed. Another person vocally agreed. The insinuation was that modern video games are overly complex, and as such have lost their sense of fun. Was this just a statement of someone pining for something intangible from their youth, or is there some truth in the assertion? Are modern video games too complicated?

Early arcade games and home consoles often only offered a joystick and one or two buttons. When the NES came along, it had two main buttons, along with Start and Select. As video games have evolved, we now have a modern controller with 14 or more buttons, multiple sticks, and a d-pad. Early video games were usually 2D…

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DDOCentral compiles all of the blogs, websites, and other online resources available for the MMORPG video game Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO).

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