The Halls of Geryon – Map & Merch!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Halls of Geryon
The Halls of Geryon (150 dpi colour)

Somewhere down in these halls they say that Geryon himself, arch-devil of the fifth plane of hell, hunts for victims. While in reality Geryon does not manifest within these halls, a mortal version of his hellish hunt does. On occasion teams of minotaurs and other worshippers of the Wild Beast sound their battle horns and hunt through these halls while the lesser worshippers of Geryon run for the smaller chambers and seal their doors to escape the course of the wild pursuit.

The Halls of Geryon
The Halls of Geryon (600 dpi B&W)

When the wild hunts are not in progress the complex regains the feeling of an organized stronghold of devil-worshippers and their various pet projects.

Halls of Geryon Poster Map

But there’s more! I specifically drew this map to work as a desk pad like the Vault of the Shadow Lich, which means you can…

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