On Dungeon Anxiety

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It’s not uncommon that I will sit down with the intention of designing a small dungeon adventure. Dungeons are meant to be easy and fun to build but my anxious mind sometimes simply overloads and leaves me empty-handed. I find myself, two or three (or more) hours later, having achieved very little.

It’s far too easy for me to get stuck in an anxiety loop:

  • Sit down to design a dungeon and feel anxious that the adventure will turn out crap.
  • Start to worry about the design, the overall purpose of the dungeon, what might logically live there.
  • Spin my wheels with various non-productive actions until I finally give up.

I get hung up on how big the first room should be. I worry about how many locations makes for a good dungeon. I find it hard to imagine the place as a whole before I begin to draw it…

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