How I Use Reputation To Modify Reaction Rolls.

Grumpy Wizard

OD&D monster reaction table

I use a 2D6 reaction roll for many situations in my games.

In addition to monster encounter reactions, I use it for offers to potential hirelings, making deals with merchants and traders, negotiations with NPCs about jobs, hireling loyalty and more.

The way I use the reaction roll is when the players are asking an NPC for something, trying to make a deal, avoid a fight, or if I’m not sure of the mood of an NPC. It is usually how I answer the question, “How does this NPC feel about this situation going into the encounter?”

Once I have that result as a baseline, I will adjust the outcome based on what the players do. If they behave aggressively and the reaction roll is a 4, there’s going to be a fight. The response from a reaction roll of 12 might be the NPC…

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