THARIZDUN: Session 6 – Plunder

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Everybody – the party, the gnomes, and the Kettite men-at-arms – all waited in silence. Deep in the Black Temple, it’d been non-stop battle with the giants and their servitors, more arriving all the time.

But now, no reinforcements came. The power of this oversized bandit gang had been broken.

The battle over, it was now only Silence in this deeply unsettling place of dark worship. The walls appeared to writhe when seen out of the corner of the eye. Everywhere, black stone, only relieved by veins of various shades of purple.

This is Session 6 of my recap / walkthrough / playthrough series ofTHE FORGOTTEN TEMPLE OF THARIZDUN(1982) byGary Gygax. [PDF for $5 at DTRPG].


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