Boss Rush Banter: Which Games Have The Most Memorable Plot Twists?

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Elden Ring. Horizon: Forbidden West. Inscryption. These are just a few notable games from the last year that pull off an incredible magic trick with their story telling. In Elden Ring‘s case, using FromSoftware’s trademark indirect lore, you have a world-changing event in the late-game that may or may not blow your mind depending on how much you bother to even pay attention to the game’s story. With Horizon, you have a game whose story is the point, but whose twist pays off in dividends if you invest in the game’s amazing side quests. And with Inscryption, you have a game designer who has trained the player to watch for the big twist in his games and is still able to hit them with multiple big surprises. It’s like watching Paul Rudd dupe Conan O’Brien multiple times in the same interview.

The thrill of a well-deserved…

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