Dragon’s Bend Game Report 22

Grumpy Wizard

Quintus and Ozric lead the hireling steppe warriors and draug into the hypogeum.

  • They returned to the third level of the dungeon to inspect some unknown areas.
  • In the old mint workshop the party come across the remains of a recent battle.
  • The badly mutilated bodies of four steppe warriors encountered were stripped and looted.
  • Several bodies of a type of humanoid the party hadn’t encountered before were also present. Also stripped.
  • The humanoids had dark green skin, sharp pointed teeth like a predatory creature, heavily muscled bodies covered in scars
  • The party find drag marks leading into an unexplored level of the dungeon.
  • The party avoids the trail and tries a different path.
  • They find several rooms that have been recently vandalized and demolished. Anything of value was taken or destroyed.
  • They find a few passages blocked by barriers made of trash, broken weapons and shields.
  • Searching an area…

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