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With apparently re-committing itself to supporting and promoting retro PC games, my mind’s been turning to more than a few titles that I’d love to see revived and sold there. GOG does a fantastic job restoring old games to playable states on modern computers, and here are a few I’d like to see:

Sims 1 and 2

I keep reading about the lengths that people go through to get the first two Sims games running on modern PCs. EA doesn’t really sell or support these any more, so I think they’d be great candidates to hand to GOG for future stewardship.

No One Lives Forever 1 and 2

Terrific, clever, and charming spy shooters that really deserve a renaissance. I had a great time with these back in the day.

Fable trilogy

I’ve actually never played a Fable game. I think they’d be very interesting to explore as a…

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