Boss Rush Banter: How Do You Come Up with Your Character Names?

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One of the easiest ways to customize or personalize a playthrough of a game is to give that character or characters names. Especially when playing an RPG or online game, you want to become that persona and feel connected in some tangible way. But how do you formulate a name, and what process do you undergo to get that perfect name for a character?

When thinking about the names I’ve created for characters, I tend to come up with something either in the spur of the moment or apply long used names that I have used for characters based on the genre or setting of a game. For example, when I play a Zelda game, I always apply my name to the character because it is my favorite game series and I want to be Link and vision myself as the hero of Hyrule.

In 2001, I picked up a…

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