D&D Diary – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight – Session 9

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Where we mislead an amphibious revolt, I channel Lewis Carroll, and we make the worst deal in the history of the Fey.

Witchlight cover titleWhen last we left our heroes, we were running around doing chores for the hag that rules this land, even though we had already stolen everything we needed from this witch and she literally has nothing to offer us. But we had one more chore, and a nasty moral conundrum to wrestle with. We need to find a box and deliver it to Bavlorna, the aforementioned hag. We found it, but it is in the possession of a bullywug duke who will only give it to us if we participate in his assassination of the current bullywug king. But I don’t wanna kill a king today.

So, these are our objectives: 1. Get that box. 2. Murder a monarch, or maybe save him. 3. Obtain the services…

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