The Run as Written Debate

Grumpy Wizard

There is some cross blog debating going on that I’m interested in. It is worth thinking about.

Can adventure scenarios be run as written?

Yes, I think they can but often are not. There are several reasons for that. I’ll get to my opinions on the matter after pointing out a little of what’s already been said.

Never As Written

Luka Rejec of Wizard Thief Fighter wrote a post in November of 2021 expounding the notion that you cannot run an adventure as it was written.

Not in the sense of “a hard thing to do” or “something I am not capable, but others are capable of”. No, I mean impossible quite literally.

Luka Rejec – Never As Written

I’ll sum up the moves that lead to his thesis. I encourage you to go read it yourself.

Luka states that a writer/designer cannot provide a “total roleplaying experience.” A game…

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