Fists of the Ruby Phoenix #18: The Main Act

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In four (?!) missing chapters of our story, the party demonstrated its skills in a set of trials before the Ruby Phoenix herself, emerging as early favorites. They traveled to Goka where the tournament takes place, and have started courting the favor of potential sponsors. Their investigator Pegleg Pete continues from when they fought some drakes at the drake hatchery in front of potential sponsors. –GM

11th of Rova, 4721 AR

Lady Qiu May Shai

With the last of the pesky drakes taken care of, our heroes realized that the whole incident had been orchestrated as a test. Having clearly passed, the Victorious Bastards found who their true supporters were as The General and Lady Qiu May Shai had apparently made a bet, with The General showing his trust in backing the mighty adventurers to the end.

Having finished this pesky little errand, the Victorious Bastards decided the only thing to do was visit the famous…

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