Storm King’s Thunder ADVENTURE REVIEW

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Ranging across the Sword Coast, Storm King’s Thunder is a dangerous, challenging adventure that pits players against terrible foes and cunning villains set against the backdrop of Faerun’s wide and diverse landscape. In a book that is one part campaign sourcebook and another part adventure, Storm King’s Thunder is everything a Dungeon Master in the Forgotten Realms could want.

An Adventure Far and Wide

Cover art for Storm King’s Thunder by Tyler Jacobson.

Storm King’s Thunder is an adventure that takes characters from 1st to 10th level and higher. Central to the story is the ordning, a caste system that stratifies giant society both within clans and the structure of the six types of giants relative to each other. The ordning was imposed on the giants by their gods, and persists even after the fall of Ostoria. At the top of the ordning are the storm giants, and when five…

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