Blackstone Bastion

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Blackstone Bastion
Blackstone Bastion (300 dpi, no commercial license)

This small black fortress sits off the rocky eastern shore of Shu-Qune. A narrow walkway leads down from the cliffs and then back up to the rocky peninsula where the bastion sits. The main tower / keep of the bastion is 5 stories tall, with most of the towers only having two stories with crenellated battlements atop them that haven’t had actual wooden hoardings atop them since the brief succession attempt by Baron Sel’Qune which lead to his remaining forces and house staff to hole up in the keep for three years until finally one of his manservants assassinated him for the chance to finally leave the damp fortifications.

Blackstone Bastion
Blackstone Bastion (1200 dpi)

Approaching across the small walkway leads to the peak of the first promontory where a drawbridge can be lowered from the outer courtyard of the bastion itself to cross over…

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