On Taking Breaks

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For most of my gaming life, I have always felt bad about taking breaks in my gaming. It always felt like I was letting down my friends if I couldn’t keep running a committed campaign for months on end. In reality, what would happen is that I would quickly burn-out and abandon games anyway because the pressure was too much.

Recently I have been re-evaluating this attitude. Largely, the impetus to examine my beliefs around being a Game Master arose out of my own significant mental health challenges about 18 months ago that led to me seeking therapy. But you don’t have to let things build to a crescendo to reconsider your own attitudes toward play.

As I understand it, within the theory behind Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (or CBT for short), our Thoughts lead to Emotions and, in turn, to Behaviours. Thus, what we do is rooted in what with…

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