Boss Rush Banter: Do Video Game Ratings Even Matter Anymore?

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Video Games are meant for all ages. Initially, when video games first became mainstream around the 80’s and 90’s, different regions of the world adopted rating systems for video games to help parents know which games their children could safely play. While video games are still rated on release, the rating of these games hardly ever comes up in conversation. So do ratings still matter? Or are they slowly becoming words just printed on the box?

Now, there are no laws in the United States surrounding game ratings aside from people under the age of 17 being unable to buy games rated M by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). Similar laws are found in other countries, such as much of Europe with the PEGI system (Pan European Game Information). Nothing stops these kids from simply having their parents or friends buy the game for them, though. Many parents play…

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DDOCentral compiles all of the blogs, websites, and other online resources available for the MMORPG video game Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO).

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