THARIZDUN: Session 7 [Final] – 333 Feet Below the Forgotten Temple

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The secret door the party discovered took the adventure into an entirely different, sinister, direction. This was no longer about defeating the giants and the other humanoids occupying this enigmatic alien temple.

This is Session 7, the last of my recap / walkthrough / playthrough series ofTHE FORGOTTEN TEMPLE OF THARIZDUN(1982) byGary Gygax. [PDF for $5 at DTRPG].


Delmar discovered a room filled with decayed splendor. And beyond that, a hidden chamber under the temple stairs.

The room was quite bare, save for a dark shaft plunging deep into the earth. Ancient brass rungs, spaced 1 foot apart disappeared into the…

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One thought on “THARIZDUN: Session 7 [Final] – 333 Feet Below the Forgotten Temple”

  1. I had no idea our Tharizdun adventure was going to end here. Your readers will be the first to know that Gary Gygax’s Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth is next for our group. I’m working on that now!

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